FAQs for Residence Hall Students
What type of computer should I have?

Any PC with Windows 7 or a later operating system is allowed.  Macintosh computers running OS X are acceptable. Student-owned computers are required to have the most current operating system updates installed and antivirus software running with the most current definition files.

Students can use any antivirus program, but if the software becomes out of date or the definition files do not remain current, their network connections may be blocked.

Can I use wireless and normal wired connections?

Yes, both are available, but simultaneous use of these connections is not advised because this may cause the user’s internet connection to be interrupted. Wireless internet is available in every residence hall room. 

How safe is the internet in the Residence Halls?

Although hardware firewalls are in place to protect computers from malicious outside sources, students must be mindful of their own actions when online. It is dangerous to open e-mail attachments from unknown senders, as well as to respond to unexpected web pop-ups, advertisements, or links that ask a user to secure, improve, or scan their computer. Never respond to any prompts that direct you to enter technology account credentials or financial information.

My computer is not acting right – who should I call?

If your computer is under warranty, then your manufacturer may need to be contacted first. The Help Desk cannot repair personal computers, but we can assist with possible solutions and can provide advice.

Additional troubleshooting

For additional support, please call the Help Desk at 630-617-3767.