PC/Mac Registration (Residence Halls)
Residence Hall Internet Information

Internet access in the Residence Halls is available through both wireless and wired connections. There are many access points in each hall for wireless connectivity but in most instances, wired connections are faster than sharing an access point with several other students in the residence.

General information regarding the Residence Hall internet connection process is listed below. Detailed instructions and information will be found in your housing packet when you move on campus.


Resident student owned PCs and Macintosh computers are REQUIRED to have antivirus and anti-spyware software installed and running with current versions. Computers are also required to be current with the operating system updates and patches. Students have the option to use whatever security software they prefer. The majority of "Name Brand" companies will pass our system scans.

College-Provided Antivirus

Free antivirus and anti-spyware software is available for students residing on campus, should you choose not to use your own pre-installed antivirus and anti-spyware software.

  • Laptops: Bring your laptop to Daniels Hall room 107, and the Academic Technology Services staff will install the program onto your PC.
  • Desktops: Please notify the Academic Technology Services staff to schedule an on-site install installation appointment at your convenience.

Campus Manager

Elmhurst College uses a hardware/software system called Campus Manager to help provide a trouble-free network and limit access to resident students and their guests. When accessing the network for the first time, you will be required to enter your College e-number and current email password. DO NOT give out your e-number and email password to allow internet access to anyone for devices other than your own. There will be information available in your packet for allowing your guests to have internet access.

Bradford Networks Persistent Agent

When you connect to the internet for the first time Campus Manager will install a small software program (Bradford Networks Persistent Agent) that will check your computer to ensure it is properly protected with security software. If your computer does not pass the scan there will be several options available to solve the problem immediately. It is suggested that you make sure your computer is current with operating system updates and patches, and antivirus/anti-spyware software prior to your move to the College. If you plan to have the College's Sophos software installed, please contact Academic Technology Services when you move on campus.

The Bradford Networks Persistent Agent software will remain installed on your computer. The software will periodically check your computer to ensure that it is current with the most recent antivirus/anti-spyware definitions. This is for your computer’s protection as well as the College's network. Campus Manager does NOT have the ability to scan your computer for personal files or information. The only identifying information that it looks for are the built-in address of your network interfaces (Wi-Fi and Ethernet). These addresses are associated with your name, e-number, and email password and your security software.

Additional troubleshooting

For additional support, please call the the Academic Technology Services at 630-617-3543.