Campus Portal FAQs

What is the Portal?

The Portal has been designed to improve communication, convenience, and collaboration on campus. It will provide you access to the various systems on campus in one location, and through a consolidation of various technology accounts (e.g., BlueNet, Kronos, Blackboard, etc.) simplify access through the use of a master College account.

It is our goal to provide single sign on capabilities with the Portal over time, meaning you will be able to log in to the Portal once and then have seamless access to all other systems. Please keep in mind that this is a very complicated process given the complexity of the systems we are attempting to integrate along with the fact that they are provided by numerous vendors. While this will take some time, the initial step towards single sign on will be the use of your College account. This is the account based on your e#######, which many of you are already using to access BlueNet and Kronos today.

This move towards single sign on will require that passwords to these various systems be unified into a single secure password. We will provide an easy-to-use online method for you to activate your College account and synchronize these passwords. After activating your College account, you will have a single username (e#######) and password to access all systems on campus through the Portal. While you might initially need to log in to some systems separately (e.g., once to the Portal and then again to Kronos), you will have a single account and over time see the full benefits of single sign on as you are seamlessly linked from system to system upon entry to the Portal.

Portal for Faculty and Staff

The launch of the portal for administration and staff continues one office at a time. Our Office of Information Services staff is working with you on an individual basis to make all aspects of this conversion work as smoothly as possible. All faculty are invited to join the portal any time and access it here: The only real change is the use of the e####### ID to access various College systems, although some care is necessary to be sure things like smart phones work properly with College accounts. We will provide support for all of this at any time you request. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at 630-617-3767. Thank you for your patience and assistance with this conversion.

Portal for Students

Continuing in Spring 2013, the College will be rolling out the Portal for all students. For more information about the Portal, please see the above section titled "What is the Portal?" on this page.
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