Printing on Campus


Elmhurst College has implemented a new print management system called PaperCut across campus to help us become more sustainable in our use of public printers. There are no charges for printing at this time. Rather, this is an effort to raise awareness for the amount of printing that occurs on campus and an attempt to reduce wasteful printing.

To improve security and access to the College's network, most public computers and classroom/lab computers will require you to log on to the computer before use. Eventually these computers will respond only to logins from your College account. It is important that you get into the habit of logging out of the computer when you are finished, especially the Portal, with its single sign on capabilities and the integrated access it will provide to all campus systems.

Printers on campus

  • The labs do not support color printing or printing on special papers. Do not load envelopes, stationery or legal–size paper in the paper trays. Contact the Central Printing department instead.
  • In the event of a paper jam or other malfunction, ask a student technican for help. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself.
  • When printing in the open labs, you must release the print both on the PC and at the print release stations. To release a print at the print release stations you must login with your eNumber and Elmhurst Campus Portal account password.
  • Web print is now available. College members can now print from personal devices. Members can submit print jobs to the Library and Daniel's Hall printers. Print jobs can be submitted on the page by logging in with eNumbers and portal passwords.

Printers in the Residence Halls

Students are not permitted to setup and use wireless printers in the Residence Halls. If there is a Bluetooth feature for the printer you purchased, please make use of that.