Who to Call
Getting help depends on where you are:

Daniels Hall 108, 110, 112, 204, 211, 212, 304, 308, 309
Schaible Science Center 209, 228
See a student technical assistant or a support specialist in Goebel Hall 2nd floor, or call the Help Desk at 630-617-3767
Cureton Hall 024
Memorial Hall 101
Old Main 008, 108, 201, 202
Call the Help Desk at 630-617-3767
 Residence Halls and off campus  Call the Help Desk at 630-617-3767
 A. C. Buehler Library  See the Library Reference Desk staff, or call 630-617-3173
All classrooms and conference rooms with audiovisual equipment
Call the Help Desk at 630-617-3767

Lose something? Try looking here:
  • Goebel Hall 2nd floor for CDs, flash drives, books, glasses left in the labs or classrooms in Daniels Hall.
  • Campus Security in Lehmann Hall for valuables, keys, identification cards.
  • Information Desk in the Frick Center for other items, including any of the above.

College Directory

To contact faculty or staff members directly, search by name or department using the College Directory.