Who to Call
Getting help depends on where you are:

Daniels Hall 108, 110, 112, 204, 211, 212, 304, 308, 309
Schaible Science Center 228
See a student technical assistant or a support specialist in Daniels Hall, room 107, or call the Help Desk at 630-617-3767
Cureton Hall 024, south side
Memorial Hall 101 (except SmartCart)
Old Main 008, 108, 201 (except SmartCart)
Call the Help Desk at 630-617-3767
 Residence Halls and off campus  Call the Academic Technology Services at 630-617-3543
 A. C. Buehler Library  See the Library Reference Desk staff, or call 630-617-3173
All classrooms with audio/visual equipment
Circle Hall CPE conference room
Frick Center conference rooms (Blume, Bryan, Melancthon)
Cureton Hall, Lucks Conference Room
Call the Help Desk at 630-617-3767

Lose something? Try looking here:

  • Daniels Hall 107 for CDs, flash drives, books, glasses left in the labs or classrooms in Daniels Hall.
  • Campus Security in Lehmann Hall for valuables, keys, identification cards.
  • Information Desk in the Frick Center for other items, plus any of the above.