Wireless Internet Access (Campus Wide)
Wi-Fi availability

Wi-Fi Internet access is available in nearly all academic buildings and residence halls on the campus. You can also connect wirelessly in common areas such as the Frick Center; the Courtyards, located in both the front and back of the Frick Center; the Alumni Circle (fountain area); and the Gazebo, located between Old Main and the Schaible Science Center. Access to the wireless network in the Residence Halls is restricted to Residence Students only.

Our wireless networks operate in "infrastructure mode," which means your computer or mobile device connects to an access point instead of other computers. No encryption or keys are required to connect. Since nearby users could monitor your communications, we recommend that you avoid entering account numbers and passwords unless you are connected to a secure website that uses encryption.

Requirements for internet access

To access the wireless network, set your computer to receive a wireless connection and locate the wireless access point for your current location. Passwords are not required to access the wireless networks except for student residence buildings.

All personal computers and mobile devices, portable or not, that you bring onto the campus are required to have antivirus and anti-spyware software installed and running with current virus and spyware definitions.

Use of personal computers and other wireless devices on the campus network is subject to the same policies as usage of the College computers. Downloading music and videos wirelessly is restricted to maintain bandwidth levels for the entire community.