Technology Account
What is a Technology Account?

Think of your technology account as the username and passwords you use to access Elmhurst College email, library archives, and other online resources. New students need to "activate" their Technology Accounts using instructions provided by The Help Desk.

  • Normally, your username will not change as long as you are a student.
  • You are required to change the initial password you receive when you register as a new student. See "How to Make Good Passwords" below to devise a secure replacement.
  • You may change your passwords at any time.
  • When logging in, make sure Caps Lock is off before typing your username and password.
  • Do not give your username and/or password to anyone else. If you write your passwords down so you won’t forget them, keep them in a safe place. If you believe that someone has obtained your password or has accessed any of your accounts, contact the Help Desk immediately at 630-617-3543.

How to Make Good Passwords

If your passwords are short and easy to guess, your protection from spies and hackers is weak. We recommend using the following methods to create good passwords:

  • Passwords should contain at least eight characters. More is better!
  • Dictionary words are not accepted on some of the College's systems.
  • Passwords must be a combination of letters and numbers. Don’t just append a number or two at the end of your password. Put one or more numbers at the beginning and middle, or use alternating letters and numbers.
  • Don't use obvious letter and number sequences like abcd and 112233, dictionary words, your nickname, phone number or license plate number.
  • Capitalize at least one letter.
  • Try using the first letter of each word in an easily remembered phrase or sentence to make up your password. For example, "Elmhurst College is a great school" becomes "eciags."


How often do I have to change my passwords?

Many security experts say it’s best to change passwords often— say, every month or two but this is your decision. You should certainly change them if you suspect that someone else has discovered what they are.

Can I change my username to something I like better?

No. This can only be done by the system administrator. If your name is misspelled or it has changed through marriage, or you feel your username is unsuitable for other good reasons, you can request a change by contacting the Office of Registration and Records at 630-617-3200.

After I graduate can I continue using my Technology Accounts?

Access to BlueNet depends on the members relationship to the college. Access to library databases, the Portal, Microsoft Office 365, Blackboard and other internal systems will be deleted some time after graduation.

If I stop taking classes, withdraw, or file a leave of absence can I continue using my Technology Accounts?

Email, library and Blackboard access deletion is dependent upon the status that is on record with Registration and Records. As a general rule, technology accounts are deleted for "Withdrawn" status but remain in place for "Leave of Absence" status.