Here is a list of things you need to know about conversion to new Kronos Time Reporting System.
  1. To access Kronos, you MUST follow the Kronos link on the My Elmhurst Campus Portal.
  2. Your login ID is your eNumber and your password is the same password as you My Elmhurst Campus Portal account.
  3. The Office of Information Services have performed updates on all campus computers to upgrade to Internet Explorer version 11 and Java version 8 in order to be compatible with new Kronos; contact the Help Desk if your computer cannot access Kronos in order to login.
  4. Vacation balances will be presented on Kronos, and will be updated after each pay cycle to reflect vacation taken and earned in the prior pay cycle.
  5. Vacation balances will no longer be presented in Bluenet Services.
  6. The new and best way to contact the Payroll Department with questions or requests is by email at
  7. Kronos will only work on computers on campus using a wired internet connection. Kronos will not work on any device accessing the internet wirelessly.